Guy, 64 yo

Santa Rosa - United States

I find myself very passionate and involved with world affairs, music, art, friends, family, reading and political issues. I'm affectionate, good listener and conversationalist and love getting to know new friends.
Among other things I enjoy hanging around, chatting and imbibing on coffee.

I try to stay balanced regarding the news and I am very glad to have the internet as an alternative from the mass media. I'm planning on eventually returning to computer school to upgrade my software skills and then to continue on with my software career as soon as I'm able to (I'm currently on disability). I love cats and am still recovering from my dear Siamese cat of 16 years 'Honey' being put to sleep.

My main life's purpose is to study and perform music on my guitar both my own compositions and the works of others. I love feeling the anger/angst/passion pouring out
of my soul as I attack my guitar with my passion. I'd love to finally get recognition for the music I create. I also love challenging my audiences with the music I compose and the way I perform it.